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A Museum of Slave History

It is called the Freedom House.  This free museum is housed in what used to be the headquarters of one of the largest slave trading companies in the U.S.  The stories you’ll find here are of tragedy and triumph…

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The Freedom House Museum

I always enjoy the chance to explore Alexandria, Virginia.  It’s a historic city and I  recently happened upon a museum that’s unfortunately a bit of a secret…a place I recommend all to visit…and the price is free SharePrintEmail

A Premiere Zoo in Rural America

We’ve probably all been to the zoo sometime in our lives.  It usually requires a drive to a large city to see it.  Not so here.  For the premiere zoo dates back over eight decades and it serves a town of under 10,000 in rural America… SharePrintEmail

A Big Fish Story

We’ve all heard of fish stories – maybe you’ve even told one.  But today I will tell you the biggest fish story of them all, because it is the biggest fish… SharePrintEmail

The Historic Chicago Fire

Bells rang the warning.  Prison cells were opened to allow inmates to save their own lives ahead of the coming disaster.  No one had see anything like it, and hopefully we never will again. SharePrintEmail

A Fast Moving Fire

It was a fast moving fire. In fact, it was moving so quickly that people could not find aware to avoid it.  Some thought the river would offer protection, but when the first jumped that barrier, it was clear, this would be a destructive and deadly tragedy SharePrintEmail

The Most Famous Cow in History

No doubt, she is one of the most famous cows in history…but is she really to blame for the problems she caused?  This is the story of a cow that caused quite the disaster… SharePrintEmail

The Jesse Owens Story

He won four gold medals in track and field at the 1936 Olympics, a feat that would not be duplicated until 1984.  His name is still well known, but life had its struggles for this amazing athlete… SharePrintEmail

From Sharecropper to Legend

He was born into a family of sharecroppers in northern Alabama.  His time on this farm lasted until the age of nine, but people remembered him here and decades later they would build a museum in his honor… SharePrintEmail

An Old Five & Ten Store

Imagine a place where you can purchase some thread, a lava lamp, a stuffed unicorn and some pencils and paper all in one stop and it’s not some store with a hundred aisles.  This place still thrives as an ol’ five and ten store… SharePrintEmail

The No-Miss in Downtown Branson

Many of you have been to Branson, but have you been downtown to the old dime store that’s been there for over five decades? SharePrintEmail

Sheep with a Right of Way

Today the number of snow skiers to this valley outnumbers the sheep that graze the summer mountainsides.  However, the sheep still get the right of way…and this autumn’s festival proves it… SharePrintEmail

Silver Ran Out and Sheep Moved In

When the silver ran out, the sheep moved in…thousands of them in fact.  This place became one of the largest sheep exporting cities in the world.  You’ll be surprised by the location and the real-life festival that is held every autumn… SharePrintEmail

The Story Behind Custer’s Last Stand

You’ve probably heard of Custer’s last stand at the Little Bighorn, but do you know the real story of what happened there?  We’ll uncover some of the truths… SharePrintEmail

General Custer

You probably know his name because of his famous last stand.  But before that battle in today’s state of Montana, there was much more to a man known by his men as General Custer… SharePrintEmail

The World’s Oldest Pet Cemetery

Ed Martin Jr. has helped bury dogs, cats, birds, guinea pigs and he’s even heard of a lion cub on the grounds.  It’s just part of the day-to-day life of the overseer of the world’s oldest pet burying ground… SharePrintEmail

A Funeral Parlor Like None Other

Walk into this funeral parlor and it may look like others you’ve seen.  But soon you’ll notice some difference that set it apart from probably any other place you’ve been… SharePrintEmail

A Monument to Medics (So to Speak)

You can find many monuments dedicated to soldiers who have fought in national and world conflicts.  However, it’s fairly rare to find a monument to these important medics, so to speak, who risked their lives in battle… SharePrintEmail

The Oldest Cemetery of Its Kind

This is the oldest cemetery of its kind.  Of course, that begs the question, what “kind” of cemetery could it be?  Well, it traces it’s roots back a over a century to a woman who’s name has been lost to history, but her act has impacted many lives since… SharePrintEmail

Permission to Get Married

For an enlisted man at Fort Hays, it wasn’t enough to win a woman’s heart and ask her hand in marriage.  You needed the permission of your commanding officer and a few other key logistics to make the wedding take shape… SharePrintEmail

Reasons for Enlisting

The army certainly needs strong, upstanding young men and women to fill its ranks…but in the late 19th century, the reasons folks enlisted may have been for reasons far from defending one’s nation… SharePrintEmail

A Remaining Fort

As Americans moved from east to west, a network of forts sprang up on the high plains to protect travel and commerce.  A few of those outposts remain, not as military installations, but rather a testament to the communities that thrived around them… SharePrintEmail

Wearing a Suit to Work

Dan Meers has nearly a dozen suits he wears to work.  The odd thing is, all the suites are alike.  It’s an odd suit for a very unique job… SharePrintEmail

A Bungee Jump and a Zipline

Maybe you’ve conquered fear and made a bungee jump in your life.  Or perhaps you’ve rode a zip line on some adventure.  Imagine combining both and doing it in a 70,000 seat stadium.  That’s what this man attempted to do… SharePrintEmail

A Long Career in the NFL

If a football player makes it to the NFL, chances are their career may last three or four years on average.  This man’s career has stretched about three decades and that has many people asking him a lot of questions about how’s been able to make it that long… SharePrintEmail

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