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A Nantucket Sleigh Ride

It’s called a Nantucket sleigh ride.  Sounds like a nice winter ride, but it’s actually far from a peaceful dash through the snow.  For the person in the sleigh was not on the land, and their chances of surviving the ride were very doubtful…

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A Cash Crop Not Grown in Soil

If you made good revenue from a field you might call it your “cash crop.” Here the cash crop doesn’t grow in the soil, but rather in the water… SharePrintEmail

The Postville Courthouse

Americans regard him as one of their most beloved presidents…a man that pulled a nation together as civil war tore it apart.  When you look at the life and accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln, one should make a stop here…to a simple courthouse that may have laid the foundation for an American hero… SharePrintEmail

Going Inside Petra

If you were ever fascinated in the adventures of Harrison Ford playing Indiana Jones, then you have definitely seen this place.  It was the supposed home of the Holy Grail.  The place does exist, you just won’t find the Grail there… SharePrintEmail

A Place for Anyone to Swim

It’s estimated that about 40% of American do not know how to swim.  Today I’ll take you to a place perfect for those non-swimmers, for here you can swim and not sink.  We’ll bob on the water… SharePrintEmail

A Christian Named Osama

Today we interview a gentlemen named Osama.  He laughs because that name may bring certain images to mind for an American.  However this Osama is a Christian living in a predominately Muslim nation and he’s very happy to take you to some sites that are too often overlooked… SharePrintEmail

The Site of Jesus’ Crucifixion

The Church of the Holy Sepulcher contains the site of Jesus’ crucifixion, burial and resurrection.  Several denominations have a presence in this church, each claiming a bit of the property if you will.  So who then has the keys to the place? SharePrintEmail

On The Streets of Jerusalem

Holy Week is a time when Christians reflect on the death and resurrection of Christ.  The events of Easter week come to life on the streets of the old city of Jerusalem… SharePrintEmail

A Peaceful Scene in the Middle East

Most people would consider the country of Syria to be a dangerous place right now.  However, here, along this country’s border with Syria, the scene is peaceful – even scenic.  It’s a place of irony, beautiful plateaus next to bunkers and mine fields… SharePrintEmail

Inside the Earth Lodge

It this country…the U.S. Capitol is the place where laws are made…but 1000 years ago…it was perhaps this earth lodge where the most important decisions of the area where handed down.  We visit a remarkable piece of history uncovered by archeologists… SharePrintEmail

Unique Mounds and Lodges

Most of what we know about this group of people comes from the mounds they built all across the U.S.  In the state of Georgia though, some of these mounds and lodges are unique to the rest of the country and give us extra insight into life a millennium ago… SharePrintEmail

An Unexpected Boom

Just south of Interstate 70 in southeast Illinois, you may begin to see some unusual sights popping up and down in corn and soybean fields.  This is the industry that brought an unexpected boom here over a century ago… SharePrintEmail

More Profitable Than Farmland

There was a time when the farmers of southeastern Illinois found something far more profitable on their land than corn or livestock.  In fact, the money to be made was so lucrative, many simply quite farming and built a big house in town… SharePrintEmail

A Busy Chocolate Shop

What is the busiest time of year for a chocolate shop?  You can probably guess a couple of holidays will be at the top of the list.  However, the “who” and “how” people shop on those days can be very different and that can cause Kevin to have to do some serious planning… SharePrintEmail

An Unexpected Business

It is perhaps an unexpected business to find on the streets of Hico, Texas.  It is a place some might find in a metropolitan area or even a high dollar neighborhood in Europe.  Yet, here it is, a place causing people to make detours to a town of about 1000… SharePrintEmail

From 4-H Project to Unexpected Business

It all began with a 4-h project in a rural area about an hour outside of Texas.  Fast forward about two decades and some of the lessons learned as a kid turned into an unexpected business… SharePrintEmail

The Very Last Round of the Vietnam War

Many of you listening to our broadcasts lived through the Vietnam War.  No doubt, some of you fought in that conflict.  Today we meet a man who played a part in firing the very last round of that war… SharePrintEmail

Keeping Fishermen at Bay

Why would a small fishing boat try to stand in the path of a U.S. Navy Destroyer.  This sailor knew exactly what they were up to and it was the men aboard his ship who were responsible for keeping the fisherman at bay… SharePrintEmail

A Bigger and Badder Name

Sometimes you’ll looking for a name that will intimidate your enemy.  Therein was the problem.  The latest ship due to roll off the line for the U.S. Navy was honoring an important admiral, however the name just didn’t sound right.  It needed to sound bigger and badder so to speak… SharePrintEmail

The Story Behind the Namesake of a Ship

Many ships, both military and otherwise are named for a person or place.  Often the story behind those namesakes it quite a tale in itself… SharePrintEmail

The Nuisance That Made People Look Up

At first people thought it was as nuisance.  But there was little anyone could do about it.  And after awhile, the nuisance seemed to grow on people, so they’ve just kept it around for about a century and a half now… SharePrintEmail

Looking Up at The Courthouse

The county courthouse is the centerpiece of many town squares across the country.  But the square in Decatur County, Indiana is one that has many people looking up…up at one of the more unusual sites you’ll see in anywhere… SharePrintEmail

A Beautiful Museum Looking For a New Home

Today may be a first in the 20 plus years of our broadcasts.  A recent interview took an interesting twist when I learned that one beautiful little museum was looking for a new home.  It’s a heartwarming story and perhaps you can help find its new location… SharePrintEmail

A Knick-Knack Purchase That Grew Into a Collection

Perhaps some husbands listening to this show have been told that if they want to bring a certain knick-knack home for a trip, then they must be responsible for dusting it.  That was the case for this couple.  Interestingly, what they brought home grew into quite a collection… SharePrintEmail

Leonardo’s Most Famous Painting

In 1495 Leonardo Da Vinci began work on a painting that all of us have seen.  In fact, it’s his picture that  most of us associate with one major event in Christianity… SharePrintEmail

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