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A Grand Mansion For the Family

In the days just ahead of the Civil War, one prominent young lady in New Madrid, Missouri built a grand mansion for her family.  Perhaps no one could imagine the turmoil she would see before that home was complete…

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The Wishbone Studios

Directly across the street from the airport in Muscle Shoals, Alabama you’ll find a simple square building with some cabins across the lane.  Most people wouldn’t give it a second thought.  But if you get the name of the place you’ll soon find some amazing history that’s once again on display… SharePrintEmail

One of Those Names Behind the Big Names

His name is Billy Lawson…and if the name sounds familiar…well, you’ve certainly heard his work.  He’s one of those names behind the big names…but if Billy wasn’t around, well the big guys wouldn’t be so big either… SharePrintEmail

Meeting Someone Famous

Did you ever meet someone famous? Did you immediately recognize them, or did someone have to nudge you and point out the fact? Today’s story is about one of those encounters and the delightful story that can evolve when you never knew you were talking to a “big shot…” SharePrintEmail

Just Right For the Radio

We all listen to music, but we often don’t give much thought to where that music was recorded and the process it takes to get those songs just right for us to hear on the radio. Today, we venture into one of the long-time great sights in the music production world… SharePrintEmail

A Big Deal in the Music World

You’ve perhaps heard of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, but maybe you don’t know just how big a deal this place is in the music world.  We dive into the industry both past and present… SharePrintEmail

A Who’s Who Kind of Cemetery

Not just anyone gets to buried at Arlington National Cemetery.  The same holds true for this little cemetery down some backroads in northwestern Alabama.  It’s a who’s who that’s here… SharePrintEmail

A Special Cemetery

It looks like many cemeteries in the U.S.  There are grave markers and flowers surrounding by many trees.  But this is not like any other cemetery in the U.S. And that’s because of who is buried here… SharePrintEmail

The City That Was Last

This is a city that was last.  And in this case, being last isn’t all that bad, for what came here last made this museum one of the first and only places to find a once very standard piece of hardware… SharePrintEmail

The Grandest of Homes in the Most Remote of Towns

It was the grandest of homes in one of the most remote towns in America.  But there’s a good reason this house was built in this Cascades mountain town… SharePrintEmail

An Unusual Town Name

It’s one of the more unusual town names in the nation and it has an equally interesting history to boot.  We venture to a place named Cle Elum… SharePrintEmail

The Most-Studied First Lady

She may well be the most studied first lady in American history.  A highly educated young woman that road the ups and downs of a nation in crisis… SharePrintEmail

A Situation All Too Familiar to the President Himself

During the Civil War many families were split over the issue of slavery.  In some cases, brothers fought against each other on the battlefield.  It was a situation that hit close to home for none other than the president himself… SharePrintEmail

When Opposites Attract

They might seem to be opposites.  A rural, self-educated farm boy and a formally educated, French speaking young lady.  But the two met and became a first family… SharePrintEmail

A Home Devoted To A First Lady

You can find several presidential homes devoted to the story of one of our country’s leaders.  But it’s more difficult to find a home devoted to a first lady… SharePrintEmail

A Beloved War Correspondent

When this journalist died, the president of the United States personally took to the airwaves to announce his death to the nation.  The beloved correspondent lives on through his writings… SharePrintEmail

Reporting The ‘Common Man’ During World War II

When America sent troops to war during World War II, this man was there, alongside the infantry and reporting the role of the common man in winning a global conflict… SharePrintEmail

A Fellow American Countryside Traveler

I must admit, I feel a kinship with the person we feature today.  For he too was a traveler of the American Countryside.  Someone who had a career this broadcaster can take a lesson or two from… SharePrintEmail

Grinding Teeth Over the Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson helped write the Declaration of Independence…but he wasn’t happy with the final product.  Why was Jefferson grinding his teeth and not talking to his fellow delegates? SharePrintEmail

The Unplanned Writer of the Declaration of Independence

Thomas Jefferson took an important role in writing our Declaration of Independence, but most people don’t know he wasn’t even supposed to be in Philadelphia for the meeting that drafted the document… SharePrintEmail

The Mount Washington Auto Race

Imagine running the Daytona 500 on a mountain road with steep grades and no guardrails.  The cars may not be the same…but autos have been racing here since they day’s just after their invention… SharePrintEmail

Hairpin Turns and No Guardrails

It’s a mountain road with hairpin curves, no guardrails and an average grade of 12%.  That makes it one of the most popular and perhaps hair raising attractions in the northeast… SharePrintEmail

The Mountain Road

It was big news when this mountain road opened…not because it linked two cities, but rather because it linked tourists with one of the most scenic spots in the northeast… SharePrintEmail

A Ticket To Get Into Church

Did you ever think you might need a ticket to get into your church?  It happens here, but that’s a good thing since this is a house of worship that many folks want to attend… SharePrintEmail

A Bridge In American History

Today you can drive over this bridge and perhaps never know its important place in American history.  But today we will take you back to the events that will always make this span a site that still draws many visitors… SharePrintEmail

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