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President’s Week 2017: Calvin Coolidge

It all happened in the middle of the night.  The citizens of the United States went to bed on August 2nd, 1923 with Warren Harding as president.  The awoke to find find Calvin Coolidge had become 30th president of the United States…

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President’s Week 2017: Herbert Hoover

It’s Presidents Week on the and today’s feature focuses on a graduate of Stanford who used his engineering degree to travel the world… SharePrintEmail

President’s Week 2017: Woodrow Wilson

He was the son of a Presbyterian minister who went on to teach school and lead the nation during a time of world conflict… SharePrintEmail

President’s Week 2017: Theodore Roosevelt

To date, no U.S. president has been born in North Dakota…but this commander-in-chief’s experiences there may be the reason he achieved the office… SharePrintEmail

President’s Week 2017: William McKinley

Some history students will remember the slogan “Remember the Maine”, a war cry that sent the U.S. into battle against Spain.  It was this president who was in office at the time… SharePrintEmail

The Jefferson Highway

In the nineteen teens and early 20s motorists did not find their route by a highway number but rather a name.  They were a narrower and slower version of today’s interstates… SharePrintEmail

Nothing Here to See?

Some people who come here will say there’s nothing to see. However, others will find things everywhere both from the past and in the present.  It’s unique place that will bring about your imagination and much more… SharePrintEmail

The Forgotten Capital

Maybe you had to memorize the state capitals when you were in elementary school.  Today’s feature is about one that just about everyone had forgotten…until now… SharePrintEmail

Establishing a State Capital

When the thirteen colonies began to grow into more states, those new governments had to establish capitals.  Many of those spots already had some sort of town or city in existence, but that was not the case for this new town carved out of the wilderness to serve that role… SharePrintEmail

Helping With Need

When you arrive in a place you’ve never been before, it make take awhile to figure things out. In fact, you might quickly find you’re without some things you really need. That’s where Rich steps in, to help fill people’s needs and help people find their place… SharePrintEmail

Refuge KC

Our travels intentionally try to steer clear of controversy and today’s topic is one we had planned for several months.  Who knew that interviewing a former state FFA officer and her husband about their ministry might wind up as an international hot topic. SharePrintEmail

Rich’s Diverse Neighbors

Just a block down the street from Rich’s office is a grocery store catering to the needs of folks from the country of Burma.  It may not be what you’d expect to find in the heart of the Midwest, but to Rich, it’s just one example of the diverse neighbors he encounters every day… SharePrintEmail

A Ministry for Newcomers

Richard Casebolt is the Founder and president of something called Refgue KC.  It’s a ministry both in word and deed, living a Christian example while ministering to the basic needs of some of this nation’s newcomers… SharePrintEmail

The Man Who Was President For a Day

President Trump was recently sworn in as this nation’s 45th president.  Or was he?  That question is not a debate about the new president, but a debate about an additional name to the list that would make the new commander the 46th chief… SharePrintEmail

David Rice Atchison

His name is David Rice Atchison.  If you know the name, you probably know his unique and sometimes debated place in history.  But there’s much more to the story and today we uncover the details behind a leader and politician on the western frontier… SharePrintEmail

The Barns With An Important Link to the Past

At one time these old barns were hard to see because of the trees and weeds that attempted to engulf them.  However, with a little time and care, a unique story unfolded that had been lost to many in the community.  These barns had an important link to the past… SharePrintEmail

Saving the Old Barns

Sometimes communities wrestle with the challenge of preserving history while trying to stay progressive at the same time.  Such was the problem facing one small town the effort to save some old barns from the path of a new highway… SharePrintEmail

Pop’s Plac

The next time you think about getting a soft drink, think about reaching for a bacon-flavored soda or even a key lime pie pop.  It sounds odd but those are real options here… SharePrintEmail

700 Unique Choices of Soda

Just about every convenience store sells soft drinks and you can usually find a selection to fit just about anyone.  However, a trip to this store is far different, because all of the pop comes in bottles and you’ve got over 700 unique choices from which to select SharePrintEmail

A Modern Convenience Store on Route 66

Most people travel Old Route 66 for the nostalgia.  So on the surface, this convenience store might not seem to fit in, because it was built well after the heyday of the Mother Road.  However, it’s a place that draws many locals and tourists alike. SharePrintEmail

Amazing Feats of Frigidness

We may complain about winter weather at times…but there has perhaps never been a winter like that of 1779-80…a winter that produced amazing feats of frigidness… SharePrintEmail

The Challenges of Morristown

Most American’s have heard of the winter Washington’s men endured at Valley Forge…but few it seems have heard the story of Morristown.  Yet it’s the story of Morristown that was equally if not more challenging… SharePrintEmail

Flying the President

We often see pictures of presidents boarding or deplaning Air Force One, or the Marine One helicopter.  However, you often don’t get to meet the person at the controls of those aircraft… SharePrintEmail

The HMX-1

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of something called HMX-1.  However, you’ve most likely seen it – or at least one of the most notable parts of it… SharePrintEmail

A Promotion Back to This Side of the Globe

Vincent, like many young men in the 1970s, fought in Vietnam.  However, during his tour of duty he received a promotion that brought him back to this side of the globe for a most interesting role in the Marines… SharePrintEmail

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