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Before Got Milk–The Evil Beverage

Before there was a Got Milk slogan…some dairymen used an amendment to the constitution to help keep their product ahead of a more evil beverage of the day…

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Political Party History

You may have thought this political party died when this became legal again back in the 1930s.  You’ll be intrigued by the history of the political party most think is dead… SharePrintEmail

Time to Make the Donuts

What’s the first thing a father teaches his son about being a good businessman?  How to make donuts of course!  It’s one of the most important jobs around here and 20,000 people per day may show up… SharePrintEmail

Disassociation with Wall, South Dakota

If you’ve heard of Wall, South Dakota then you’ve heard of Wall Drug.  But there was a time when a young man from that small town did not want to be associated with the place.  His story is one that impacts travelers yet today… SharePrintEmail

Offering A Drink of Water

If someone is thirsty you might offer them something to drink.  What seems commonplace served as a business inspiration that brought customers in droves.  The store that offered that free drink is our story… SharePrintEmail

Putting Down Roots for a New Business

The Depression was in full swing and a young family was looking for a place to put down roots and begin a new business.  It was the backdrop for a new pharmacist looking to open his new drug store… SharePrintEmail

50 Years of Broadcasting Major League Baseball

162 games a year for 50 years…that’s over 8000 baseball games…and this man has seen virtually every single one of them.  Then again…that’s his job.  We’ll head to the stadium to catch a game with him… SharePrintEmail

Keeping the Listener Interested Calling a Ballgame

When a baseball broadcaster has to describe a game that is lackluster at best, they may resort to talking about all kinds of things to keep a listener interested.  Perhaps they even talk about things like utility poles…   SharePrintEmail

Getting a Mule to Obey

Mules can be stubborn.  So what do you do with a mule that simply won’t obey?  Wilbur was told what he should do, but whether he’d ever follow that advice again is very much in question SharePrintEmail

A Medic Caring for Four Legs

Medics are an important part of an army, taking care of the wounded on the front lines, risking their own lives to save those of others.  This man had that job, but those he cared for had four legs… SharePrintEmail

Taking Skills from the Farm to War

Like many young American men in the 1940s, Wilbur Taylor was headed to war.  But his job would be a unique one requiring some of the skills he knew from the farm… SharePrintEmail

Sorting the Facts and Myths of Edgar Allen Poe

Edgar Allen Poe could write some amazing fictional tales…but perhaps some of most intriguing fiction was that he told about his own life.  We’ll try to sort some of the facts and myths SharePrintEmail

One of the Nation’s Most Famous Writers

He is one of the nation’s most famous writers and although he bounced from city to city, it was here in Philadelphia that his work began to be appreciated by all Americans… SharePrintEmail

A Science Laboratory Open to the Public

You don’t often this of a science laboratory as a tourist attraction.  While it wasn’t built for that purpose, it certainly does get plenty of interested people wanting to see the novel experiments being conducted… SharePrintEmail

They Call It Biosphere 2

For the folks who work here, we don’t live on earth but rather Biosphere 1.  That’s why their facility is called Biosphere 2, and while not nearly as big as the earth, it’s mighty impressive… SharePrintEmail

More Than Plants Under Glass

Some might call it a greenhouse, but it’s far more that plants under glass.  It’s a amazing facility doing cutting edge research… SharePrintEmail

A Life Bigger Than a Patent

He made millions with an important invention for an automobile.  But his life was far bigger than just that patent he received.  His life is quite a tale… SharePrintEmail

A Meeting of Notables

The years was 1795 and on what was then the western frontier of the United States, a meeting of some of the most notable people on the continent took place in the wilderness… SharePrintEmail

Fort Greenville

It was one the largest forts of its day, yet a place hard to find a trace of today.  The events are still remembered though… SharePrintEmail

Westward Expansion and an Inevitable Confrontation

It is a story of westward expansion and the inevitable confrontation of those heading west and those already on the land.  The story is one told at this important city… SharePrintEmail

Working Together at Pipestone

This place is so important in native American culture, that even when warring tribes arrived here, they put down their weapons and worked together… SharePrintEmail

Buying A Glider for More Than One Reason

There are under ten original World War II gliders to be found in the nation.  People bought hundreds of surplus gliders after the war, but the plane is not what they desired… SharePrintEmail

From Automaker to Glider Manufacturer

When World War II began, automakers suddenly switched from making cars to the equipment needed to win a war.   The changeover here made this factory the biggest glider maker in the world… SharePrintEmail

Henry Ford in the Upper Peninsula

We know Henry Ford as an early Detroit auto maker.  So what was he doing buying a huge tract of land in the state’s Upper Peninsula? SharePrintEmail

Building A Museum Around an Exhibit

In Iron Mountain, Michigan you’ll find a museum with a very large exhibit – so large in fact, that the museum had to be built around it… SharePrintEmail

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