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Balancing School and Acting

It’s tough balancing school with acting in the movies.  But that’s exactly what today’s guests are doing – and they are speaking two languages as they do it…

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Giving Kisses

Today’s guest has a most interesting job.  He gives many kisses to many ladies and people like to follow his intriguing life.  What’s his story? SharePrintEmail

The King of Marriage

Tom Mix was known as the King of the Cowboys, starring in over 300 films from 1910 to 1935. He might also be the king of marriage…having tied the knot five times… SharePrintEmail

The King of the Cowboys: Tom Mix

He was king of the cowboys, a real-life ranch hand that won the hearts of the nation with his amazing feats on Tony the Wonder Horse. In fact, he was such a daredevil, movie companies pleaded with him to stop doing his own stunts so they could insure he would stay healthy and keep his […]

A Lifetime Opportunity

It was quite an opportunity – manage a farm for two decades and then be given nearly 10,000 acres of land in return.  That was the decision facing this man… SharePrintEmail

Bonanza Farms

They were some of the largest farms on the continent.  Called bonanza farms, they stretched for thousand of acres and employed hundreds to till the ground.  The story of who owned them and how they were formed is a fascinating story… SharePrintEmail

When Life Throws You Lemons

When life throws you a lemon, you make lemonade.  Mark certainly has plenty of lemons…but he doesn’t have to make them into lemonade to compete.  Meet a family istill finding ways to thrive in growing lemons… SharePrintEmail

A Citrus Packer

You’ve probably bought their fruit and not even realized it.  This is a family owned citurs packer that grows, packs, markets and ships around the world…and today we head to southwestern Arizona for a look ourselves… SharePrintEmail

Using Concerts To Give Back To Towns

Jason loves singing music all across the Midwest.  But there was something on his mind.  He kept seeing towns that needed a little extra help with a community project.  That’s when an idea came to him.  What if he used his concerts to give back to small towns? SharePrintEmail

From Church to Concert Series

Jason grew up singing on the farm and in church each Sunday.  It led him to make it a career.  But there’s much more to his story… SharePrintEmail

One of the Most Famous Americans

His work helped teach an entire nation to read and write within a matter of just a few years.  In a moment we introduce you to one of the most famous Americans… SharePrintEmail

Daniel Boone Working For Another Country

Daniel Boone is one of the most famous American frontiersman.  But when he crossed the Mississippi River, he went to work for a country other than the newly founded United States… SharePrintEmail

One of the Oldest Cities on the Mississippi

It’s one of the oldest and largest cities on the Mississippi River…and although some may have heard of names like Laclede and Chateau…why did they choose this spot for a town and why did it become the city it is today? SharePrintEmail

A World Food Prize Winner

What the Oscars and Emmys are to movie and TV, the World Food Prize is to the world of agriculture.  It is awarded to those who make advances in producing food… SharePrintEmail

A Visit with the CTO

You’ve heard of a CEO or a COO, but what’s a CTO?  It’s a very big and important title to the entire world when you work here… SharePrintEmail

A Community Valuing Those Who Passed Through

It was a tremendous meal that had to be prepared, every day, for about three years.  And it was all provided free of charge by a community that truly valued those simply passing through town… SharePrintEmail

A Stop in Aberdeen, South Dakota

When the Unites States when to war in the 1940, thousands of troops began to criss-cross the country headed to Europe or perhaps headed west to the Pacific theater of the war.  Those trips could take countless hours and many along the route wanted to do their part of support those going abroad.  One such […]

The Home of a Founding Father

Perhaps you’ve visited places like Mt. Vernon and Monticello, homes of founding fathers Washington and Jefferson.  If you travel to Katonah, New York you’ll find another home of a founding father… SharePrintEmail

A Witness to History

Imagine being pregnant, enduring a shipwreck, being away from your home for several years, and then, being present to see the signing of a treaty to form a new nation in which you would reside… SharePrintEmail

The First Supreme Court Chief Justice

Who was the first Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court?  It was a position this man coveted, until he actually got the job… SharePrintEmail

The Forgotten Founding Father

Some have called him the forgotten founding father.  Have you too forgotten about the man who was president before George Washington?  We dig into our history books to the founding of the nation… SharePrintEmail

The University of Arizona’s Old Main

When you walk across the center of this large university campus as I did, you’ll find a wide, permanent line stretching several hundred yards.  The story behind it is one you know from history… SharePrintEmail

When Pigs and Cows are ‘New’

Imagine a school teaching agriculture in a place where few students have seen a farm animal.  It’s a unique setting that’s making a large impact on the lives of students… SharePrintEmail


It’s called “KINEKS.”  It’s an acronym for positive personal characteristics each of us should possess and it’s the name of a foundation working to help young people in agriculture… SharePrintEmail

A Young Man of Influence

There is probably someone in each of our lives that truly inspires us.  Jeffrey Thimgan was one such young man.  But in his absence, his friends and family are working to accomplish all he had dreamed and more… SharePrintEmail

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