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A Wealth of History and Natural Beauty

It’s a relatively new site in the National Park Service and for most of us, you’ll have to drive a ways through the woods to reach it.  However, a venture to Michigan’s Upper Pennisula will reveal a wealth of history and natural beauty…

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Some of the Longest and Deepest Holes Dug In the Earth

A trip here will reveal some of the longest and deepest holes dug into the earth.  In fact, some of the tunnels are so long, it took the world’s largest winch to move men and supplies up and down the line… SharePrintEmail

Tilling Beneath the Soil

Carl can trace his lineage back several generations to family members who came here from Findland.  They were farmers, but their destination in this country was not to begin tilling the soil, but rather tilling far underneath it… SharePrintEmail

The Ontonagan Boulder

It’s called the Ontonagan Boulder – a rock of pure copper that reports said was larger than a canoe.  Native Americans knew of it’s existence and Europeans had to find it. Until then, the newspaper reports of that rock had it growing in size with each report SharePrintEmail

As Easy As Eating Pie

There’s an old cliché that says if something is not hard to do, “It’s as easy as pie.”  I guess that means as easy as eating pie and not baking one.  But when it comes to mining for metals, what folks found here had to be as easy as pie, for it was just laying […]

Who Was Vice President of the Confederacy?

You’ve heard of Jefferson Davis, president of the confederacy. But who was his vice president? SharePrintEmail

The Confederacy on the Move

As Union troops advanced on Richmond, Virginia, the president of the Confederacy was on the move.  The story of the Union and the pursuit of Jefferson Davis… SharePrintEmail

The First Emancipation Proclomation

It was the first emancipation proclamation of the Civil War and it wasn’t issued by Lincoln.  We’ll go to the site of that famous battle and edict of the war… SharePrintEmail

The Wilbur Wright Birthplace

At the Wilbur Wright Birthplace in Indiana you’ll find a nearly exact replica of the first plane the famous brothers got into the air at Kitty Hawk, NC in 1903. This one would probably fly as well but there’s a good reason it has not… SharePrintEmail

A Gift That Planted a Seed

It was not a big or fancy gift.  In fact, most kids today would play with it for a few minutes and then forget about it.  Not so for these two kids.  What they saw made them want to learn more about it for the rest of their lives… SharePrintEmail

Punishment in the Closet that Changed Lives

As a kid, what was your punishment for not doing what you were told?  These boys were sent to the closet and what happened there may just be the beginning of a story that changed all of our lives… SharePrintEmail

The Story of a Cup of Coffee (and much more…)

Today someone might drive through Starbucks to get a cup of coffee.  During the Civil War…this group instead brought the coffee to you.  This is the story of a cup of coffee and much more… SharePrintEmail

The Organization That Grew to the YMCA

When a soldier heads to battle, there are many organizations that volunteer their services to help he or she and their families.  During the Civil War, this organization grew from the YMCA to fill those needs.  It’s a piece of history that few know… SharePrintEmail

The Adamantine Guard

It was called the Adamantine Guard…a military unit formed in one Pennsylvania County with over a century of service to the country.  But when it came time to preserve their history, the most important artifact was missing…or at…it just hadn’t yet been found… SharePrintEmail

Inside the Dickson Mounds

Long before there were cities like New York and Chicago…these giant cities were scattered across the nation.  Today we try to uncover their link and learn about those who live there… SharePrintEmail

An Early City of a Thousand Years Ago

Havana, Illinois is located on the Illinois River but is far from the first city that’s stood here.  In fact, we know of a large city here about 1000 years ago… SharePrintEmail

The Little Red House in Western Kansas

The first building in this town didn’t begin its life here.  In fact i’s route to this city is a story in itself.  This is the tale of the little red house in western Kansas… SharePrintEmail

The Superhighway of the 1800s

It was a superhighway of the 1800s…a thruway carrying people and cargo from two ends of the country.  It may not have been here though if it wasn’t for one country’s attempt to thrwart Lewis and Clark’s journey to the Pacific… SharePrintEmail

A Steel Post and a Glow Plug

What’s a steel fence post and a diesel glow plug have to do with saving lives?  It was just one of the creative ideas you’ll find at this museum – a place dedicated to using the past to train people for the future… SharePrintEmail

Going to a Museum to Prepare for the Future

It may seem odd to take young men and women to a museum to help prepare them for the future.  But that’s exactly what happens here and our country’s military is better for it. SharePrintEmail

A Place Carved in the Woods

It’s a place carved from the woods – a place created from the necessities of World War II.  Yet, it remains today, an important place in the past, present and future of our country… SharePrintEmail

Unearthing the Bones of an Unknown Animal

Imagine you unearthed the bones of an animal and had little idea of what you found. Now imagine making up a tale about the creature and traveling the nation to tell its story. That’s exactly what happened just south of St. Louis… SharePrintEmail

The History of a Popular Apple

It’s one of the world’s most popular varieties of fruit and we have it because one farmer couldn’t get a nasty spout to go away.  It’s a story that will take us to two state fairs  before a delicious taste is discovered… SharePrintEmail

An Unusual Herd

Farms come in many shapes and sizes, raising crops, livestock and many other combinations.  But in central Arkansas, there is a centuries-old farm that has been raising an unusual herd that people just keep coming back to see… SharePrintEmail

Aboard A Luxury Ship

The Queen Mary II, the largest and most luxurious ship to ever sail, recently left Britain for Ft. Lauderdale.  That voyage had ironically increased the passenger list on her predecessor that hasn’t left the dock in over thirty years… SharePrintEmail

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