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Ali vs. Frazier

It was Ali versus Frazier. Not that Ali versus Frazier, but their kids…

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Not Listening To Her Father

Sometimes parents influence their children in a direction they think best for them.  In this case, the father encouraged the daughter not to follow in his footsteps.  She didn’t listen and became a champ herself… SharePrintEmail

Hearing about “The Champ” From His Daughter

He was simply known as “the champ.”  He had the physical abilities to take him to the top of his sport and the social abilities that drew large crowds SharePrintEmail

A World Without Sight or Sound

Imagine a world in which you could not see anything nor hear a sound.  That was this lady’s world, yet she overcome the obstacle to touch lives around the world… SharePrintEmail

Teachers and Challenging Students

Sometimes teachers encounter challenging students.  This student went so far as to lock their teacher in the classroom and throw away the key SharePrintEmail

A Remarkable Story

Today there are resources to help those with physical challenges, but a century ago that was often not the case.  That is what makes this lady’s story even more remarkable… SharePrintEmail

The Girl Who Grew Up at Ivy Green

In Tuscumbia, Alabama you’ll find a homestead named Ivy Green.  And if you don’t know that name, you certainly know the little girl who grew up there… SharePrintEmail

Win One For the Gipper

You most likely know this football player, not for what he did on the gridiron, but instead for what he said just before he died… SharePrintEmail

A Multi-Sport Star Known For Football

He was one of the nation’s first multi-sport stars but you know him for football and the movie that helped tell his story… SharePrintEmail

Notre Dame Without a High School Diploma

He went to Notre Dame, despite the fact he did not have a High School diploma.  And once he got there, his original plans changed and made him quite well known… SharePrintEmail

The Plantation of Belle Grove

Our history books tell us the south had many slave holding plantations in the years leading up to the Civil War. So it may be a little surprising to find such an operation here… SharePrintEmail

Battle in the Pasture

It was once known as just a giant pasture, but today it’s also the site of an important battle in the Revolutionary War… SharePrintEmail

Trying to Get Back to the Right Side of the Battle

Imagine being captured during a war and then forced to fight against the army from which you came. What would you do to get back to the right side of the battle? SharePrintEmail

Escaping to the South

Long before there was an American Civil War waged over the issue of slavery, there was the struggle for slaves to find freedom. The first chapters of that story are ones few have ever heard, with slaves escaping, not north, but south… SharePrintEmail

A Struggle for Freedom

In the marshlands on the northern edge of one of America’s oldest city, you’ll find an amazing story of the struggle for freedom. It’s an important piece of history that is being uncovered yet today… SharePrintEmail

A Museum Dedicated to the Circus

It all began with Albert, Otto, Alfred, Charles, and John. Without their last names, those first names might not mean anything to you. Put together with the phrase “prepare to be amazed,” and you’ll definitely recognize the names… SharePrintEmail

The Married Life at Fort Hays

For an enlisted man at Fort Hays, it wasn’t enough to win a young woman’s heart and ask her hand in marriage. You needed the permission of your commanding officer and a few other key logistics to make the wedding take shape… SharePrintEmail

Enlisting in the 19th Century Army

The Army certainly needs strong, upstanding young men and women to fill its ranks today. But in the late 19th Century, the reasons men enlisted may have been for reasons far from defending one’s nation… SharePrintEmail

A Fort Among the Plains

As Americans moved from east to west, a network of forts sprang up across the high plains to protect travel and commerce. A few of those outposts still remain today, not as military operations, but as a testament to the communities that thrived around them… SharePrintEmail

Inside Iraan

Andrew travels on-location for each of the features you hear on this program. Today, we journey to a spot that many of us have heard of but few would venture to go.  We find ourselves inside Iraan.  If it sounds a bit ominous, give us a moment to explain… SharePrintEmail

Former Barren Ranch Country

This land in southwest Texas appeared to be barren ranch country.  You could buy it for a relatively cheap price and the stock could roam for miles to graze on a little grass and water.  But Ira Yates noticed something that changed the area… SharePrintEmail

Navigating Salmon in Alaska

To many of us, salmon are just another type of fish we might eat. But to the people of Alaska, this is a fish that may have even a spiritual meaning… SharePrintEmail

Aboard An Alaskan Riverboat

When the city of Fairbanks swelled with the Klondike gold rush in the late 1800s, a fleet of riverboats began to sail the river waters hauling supplies. When the riverboats came, something else began to change… SharePrintEmail

Riding Alaska’s Riverboat Discovery

When you think of a riverboat captain, you probably think of life on the Mississippi, Ohio or Missouri. Instead, we’ll ride a river in Alaska… SharePrintEmail

Building An Alaskan Highway

It’s a chore for most states to build and repair roads and bridges. Mary Carey fought with her state for ten years to simply get a road… SharePrintEmail

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