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Three Presidents in One Place

It’s hard to imagine a U.S. president taking time to check into a hotel, sign their name to the registration card, complete with their home address.  That’s exactly what happened in this small town…THREE times…

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Linking Two Ends of the Nation

Today interstate highways provide the roads for multistate trips, but when this country was founded, any road at all was quite a feat.  But there was always the idea that trail of some sort should link the two ends of the nation and it was this road that resulted… SharePrintEmail

The City of Porches

Some say this small Midwestern town has the look of New Orleans’ French Quarter.  When you drive down Main Street you’ll see what people mean and today we will tell you why it has had that appearance for over a century… SharePrintEmail

Volunteers Helping Others in Tragedies

Today we see these volunteers helping others around the world after natural disasters and other tragedies.  It all began with one woman who left her job at the patent office… SharePrintEmail

One of the Most Recognized Organizations

Today it is one of the most recognized organizations helping those in need…and its story began with one women helping the soldiers of the Civil War… SharePrintEmail

Preparing for a Crowd of Thousands

St. Joseph, Missouri is a town of about 75,000 people.  However, this August, there are estimates that up to a half million people may jam the city within a couple of hours.  How do you prepare for such a crowd? SharePrintEmail

Star-Gazing In the Afternoon

God willing, I know where I will be at 1PM on August 21st.  I’ll be outside our home looking at the stars in the sky.  And you too can see the stars in the middle of the day…on that day only SharePrintEmail

Elusive Trips Around the World

Some people will travel the nation and world to hear or see their favorite band or team.  Jackie has made similar trips, but her journeys are not to see a person, place or animal, but something even more elusive… SharePrintEmail

A Once-In-A-Lifetime Event

The last time this event took place in the continental United States was 1979.  Now, thirty-eight years later, it’s back and many people will make plans for what is a once-in-a-lifetime event for many… SharePrintEmail

The George Washington Carver Museum

There’s a good chance you’ve never heard of Garret Morgan, but you’ve been impacted by his inventions.  But incredibly, there were some who would not use his products, not because they didn’t do their job, but for another reason… SharePrintEmail

Two Doors To the Same Building

When I went to this building to do today’s feature, I was a little confused.  There were two front doors and it was difficult to figure out where to enter.  What was confusing to me, was commonplace a few decades ago… SharePrintEmail

Taking School To the Students

In the days when it was difficult for some to come to school, the school went to the students.  And in this case, the teacher was one a renowned scientist teaching practical tips for farmers to survive… SharePrintEmail

A Two Story Outhouse

You may be tempted to believe this small building in central Illinois is just a gimmick devised for people to stop and take a look.  However, dig a little deeper and you’ll find a piece of history that’s over a century old, and a piece of technology quite imaginative for its time… SharePrintEmail

The Little Jail

The need for maximum security prisons is an unfortunate reality of life.  On the other end of the spectrum is the jail in Gardner, Illinois.  Its residents were far from hardened criminals, yet the small place served its purpose well…and continues to attract folks yet today… SharePrintEmail

The Spruce Goose

This plane made but one flight – a trip that lasted about one mile just a few yards off of the surface.  Yet, it remains one of the most historic and most visited aircraft in the nation.  Perhaps that’s because it was the largest ever constructed….. SharePrintEmail

Buying Land With a Catch

All Shawna’s father wanted was a five acre patch of land to access the Colorado River.  He soon learned that if he wanted that land, there would be a catch.  He’d actually have to buy a larger tract and take what came with it.  That decision changed the course of one family’s history… SharePrintEmail

Hiring Women to Populate a Town

The proposal had to sound ridiculous to just about everyone who heard it, save the men who sprang the idea.  Their offer was to pay for the transportation of women to come and inhabit their boom town since there were currently only men residing there… SharePrintEmail

The El Dorado Mine

This canyon was once a bustling place full of men looking to make big money in the gold mines.  The mine is still here and there are some miners around, if you count Shawna’s family that is SharePrintEmail

An Unusual White Rock

A place can be deceiving.  That was exactly the case here in what is today’s desert south of Las Vegas. There appeared to be little of interest except for a rumor about an unusual white rock… SharePrintEmail

Seaman’s Bethel

You’ll find many churches in New Bedford, Massachusetts, but you’ll have to look far and wide to find one with a history quite like this one.  It was just a simple chapel but it made its way into novels and movies and still draws many visitors today… SharePrintEmail

A Ship Called Dartmouth

The ship’s name was the Dartmouth.  When it took a cargo of whale oil to England no one perhaps thought much of it.  However, what the Dartmouth loaded as a return cargo for the American colonies made history… SharePrintEmail

How Things Change

Did you ever leave home for a while, then return and find that lots had changed?  That was commonplace in this town.  Men would head to work only to return and find their family and town was much different than it was when they departed… SharePrintEmail

A Nantucket Sleigh Ride

It’s called a Nantucket sleigh ride.  Sounds like a nice winter ride, but it’s actually far from a peaceful dash through the snow.  For the person in the sleigh was not on the land, and their chances of surviving the ride were very doubtful… SharePrintEmail

A Cash Crop Not Grown in Soil

If you made good revenue from a field you might call it your “cash crop.” Here the cash crop doesn’t grow in the soil, but rather in the water… SharePrintEmail

The Postville Courthouse

Americans regard him as one of their most beloved presidents…a man that pulled a nation together as civil war tore it apart.  When you look at the life and accomplishments of Abraham Lincoln, one should make a stop here…to a simple courthouse that may have laid the foundation for an American hero… SharePrintEmail

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