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Happy Bastille Day: celebrate with food

Posted by: on July 14, 2010

It seems like every day is declared a holiday in some shape or size. The more random holidays include “Clean up your room day,” which my mom would have supported as I was growing up, and even “National Hamburger Day,” which is one of our favorite ways to enjoy beef with family and friends. But did you know today is Bastille Day? It’s a French holiday…so why not celebrate, or shall I say Faire la fête, by indulging in French culture and their passion for food.

Today’s the day to expand your cultural knowledge with some easy and delicious French beef recipes, such as:
Beef Bourguignonne — Pair with a classic French Burgundy Red Wine
Ribeye Steak with Grape Tomatoes and Brie – It wouldn’t be a French meal without a little cheese!
Beefy French Onion Soup – A French baguette or croissant is great for dipping into this hearty soup

Why not give tonight’s dinner a special theme and help your family learn at the same time? For more delicious beef recipes, visit the checkoff-funded Cheers!

One response to “Happy Bastille Day: celebrate with food”

  1. Love the Ribeye recipe!! What a elegant twist! We’re going to try with grilling the steaks…

    And, LOVE the beef bourguignonne recipe…haven’t made that in a while.