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Summer Meeting in Denver

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Posted by: on July 17, 2008

The beef-dairy symposium yesterday was full of great information that we should all be taking into consideration. We started with an update from the Nutrient Rich Foods coalition, of which beef and dairy have beef leaders since inception. The goal is to help consumers identify which foods are naturally full of great nutrients and to what degree. More work has been done to try to help consumers put together meal plans and make informed decisions when grocery shopping, buying a meal at a restaurant, etc. I’m thrilled to see beef and dairy producers working together to help consumers be sure they enough protien into their diets.

The second part of the session looked at animal welfare and we were updated on existing animal welfare education and best practices along with what anti-animal agriculture groups have been doing to counter progress. Now is certainly the time for all cattle producers, beef and dairy, to be stepping up their level of quality assurance. It makes sense on multiple levels.

Today we will learn who has received scholarships, and then Federation of State Beef Council directors will meet to learn about checkoff history, discuss a potential name change for the Federation and consider who our target consumer really is. Stay posted for further updates as the meetings unfold!

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