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Front Porch Chat with John

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Posted by: on January 11, 2012

Wow! Every farmer I’ve talked to lately has said this is the nicest winter they’ve seen in a long time. A year ago we were nearly waist deep in snow as blizzard conditions were upon us. I’ll never forget seeing it pile up so quickly.

I’ve waited a bit for all the new year discussion drop off a bit. Everyone was talking resolutions. I don’t know about you, but gave that up some time ago. I’m a bigger fan of setting real goals, coupled with tactics to reach them and then going after it. Oh well, that’s my two cents.

2012 will be an interesting year for our family. During this year, our oldest boys will become teenagers! Those who know me will tell you I don’t act old enough to be the father of teenagers (notice I said act because I fear I am beginning to look it)!

The teen years seem to be the time that children test many ideas, especially their parent’s ideas. I’ve read alot lately about teens, especially girls, focusing on food, eating and fitness. Some are motivated by how they look, some by athletic goals, some focus more on food than fitness and many just need to focus on something!

One thing is clear. Teens need well-balanced diets and fitness regimines in order to try to give some foundation to their changing bodies and lives. We encourage our boys to try a variety of foods, and to not be afraid of hard work and to participate in a sport they enjoy. It has been alot of fun watching their tastes mature and seeing them eat things now that a few short years ago were “too spicy”, “too hot” or just plain “yucky”!

Football is the favorite sport at our house, for both the boys who play and Mom and Dad who spectate. We established the fact that protein is the basic building block of muscle a number of years ago. Even little boys want big muscles (just ask our two year old who is more than willing to show his off in some flexing moves his big brothers taught him)! Beef, of course, is an excellent source, and provides needed iron, zinc and b vitamins that our growing athletes need.

Hard to believe the BCS championship is over, and that the Super Bowl is drawing closer! Stay posted for some great beef recipes that will make watching the game with teenagers or anyone else a lot of fun!

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