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Front Porch Chat with John

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Posted by: on November 3, 2008

A couple of days of frosty mornings and we’re back to my favorite kind of weather! Are you ready for winter? I’m trying to get our cattle watering situation winterized. Currently we’re on what I call the “Good ole’ standby plan”… run water with a hose into a stock tank that you either break ice on twice a day, or stick a tank heater in it hoping calves don’t chew on the cord, then you must drain the hose (we double or triple drain to get that last drop that always freezes ten times its liquid state) so you can use it again the next day. We’re trying to modernize by putting in “frost proof” waterers so our cattle can enjoy ground temperature refreshment year round, and the humans can enjoy a little less labor. That will leave me more time to plan for winter grilling. Yes, winter grilling! Mom had a Jen-Air that she could grill on during inclement weather when I was a kid. My college roommates and I didn’t have that luxury in our apartment, so we used our miniature Weber on the back patio. It was kind of fun to put on the coveralls, gloves and stocking cap, manning the grill with the wind blowing snow at 25 degrees. While I’m less inclined to try to be weather tough at the grill than I was a few years ago, I still love to grill in the winter. I’ve always been amazed by the number of relatively warm days we get during Missouri winters. Those are great days to fire up the charcoal and enjoy what is normally thought of as a summer past-time. Can’t you smell the KC strips or Flat Irons right now as they simmer on the grate in the crisp, cool air? If you’re not convinced about outdoor winter grilling, there’s nothing wrong with grilling indoors on today’s fixed and portable indoor grills. In summary … don’t give up on your favorite beef cuts cooked the way you like them just because the weather is changing … you’ll have fun and satisfy a craving at the same time!

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