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Front Porch Chat with John

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Posted by: on April 2, 2009

How does life get so busy? I’ve had good intentions to share thoughts and experiences with you the past few months, but time seems to go by quickly and the next thing you know, you’re on to the next project. I’m getting back into the groove and plan to visit more often.

After taking care of a number of things here at MBIC, I took advantage of the relatively dry afternoon to plant oats and fescue seed in a couple of pastures for a neighbor and me. Oats make a nice spring pasture or hay crop that can be planted this time of year. Fescue is the most common grass in Missouri and cattle love to eat it in the spring and fall. The neighbor and I each had a field that needed to be renovated, much like a yard that has had everything but the type of grass you want come up in it.

Many other farmers and ranchers are working on similar projects inbetween spring rains. I’ll keep you posted on our progress!

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