Success At An Early Age

Major General Arnold Fields spent 34 years in the Marines. He attributes much of his success to an organization known for black jackets with a cotton boll on the back…

The Karate Kid

It’s not often you get to visit with someone who’s won multiple national titles in anything.  Now add in the fact, she’s only 18 years old.  We visit with a young lady who drew inspiration from the crime fighting cartoons of her days in kindergarten…..

The Evolution of Dance

It all began in 2001 with a two minute dance routine tacked onto the end of a speaking performance. It’s exploded into a one-man dance package that takes audiences through 50 years of music. Chances are, if you have an internet connection, you’ve seen the video…..

Major General Arnold Fields

Major General Arnold Fields spent 34 years in the Marines. He attributes much of his success to an organization known for black jackets with a cotton boll on the back…..

The Official FFA Jacket

A doctor is expected to wear a white coat. A policeman is supposed to have a badge. A cowboy, of course, must wear a cowboy hat. Certain jobs require a uniform or style of dress that seems to let people know immediately what you do. This uniform is one of the oldest and best known–and it’s worn by students…..

The Last National Convention

“Being older than the rest of you I’m asked to advise you from time to time as the need arises…..” It’s the beginning of the advisor’s part in the FFA Opening Ceremonies. This man will recite the part for the final time as National Advisor. He says it’s about much more than words spoken to a huge audience…..

Dr. Larry Case’s Most Memorable Day

Dr. Larry Case became National FFA Advisor in 1984, but perhaps his most memorable day as an advisor at any level came n January of 1967. That day is still etched in the memories of all who were there…..

“Here By the Owl…”

The National FFA Convention is in Indianapolis this week, and this will be the last such event for Dr. Larry Case as National FFA Advisor. After reciting his advisor’s part for 27 years at the national level, he will retire at year’s end. We visit with him about his road to the position…..

Facing Challenges in the East

Virginia’s farmers may not be in the middle of the corn belt, but the challenges they face are something all in agriculture should heed. Today we head there to see how standards on the east coast could soon be coming to the Midwest…..

A Great Pumpkin Patch

Not many people make their living off of a pumpkin patch. Matt and Andrea Lohr don’t pay all of the bills by selling the orange gourds, but they have found a way to increase profits, have fun and interact with thousands of people…..

A Farm In Virginia

Matt Lohr has accomplished much in life before the age of 40. He’s served multiple terms in his state’s legislature, is currently the state’s commissioner of agriculture and runs a profitable farming operation that caters to the thousands of residents within just miles of his homestead…..

The New Farmers of America

Most people have heard of the National FFA, formerly the Future Farmers of America. In fact, many listeners to these broadcasts are past FFA members. Some may not be aware that during the years of school segregation, another organization existed for African Americans, the New Farmers of America…..

A Career In Agriculture Education

At 96 years old, W.G. Parker has memories of teaching agriculture well before World War II. Most of his career his students were active in the New Farmers of America, an organization for African American youths similar to the FFA…

Working Through College

It can be difficult to earn the money needed to get a college education. Raymond Hagan graduated high school in 1935 and wanted to go to the university. But a simple desire to go was far from all he would need to make the dream become a reality…

Doing What It Takes to Get a High School Diploma

Today we take things like a high school education for granted. If you want a diploma, you usually have access to a school where you can earn it. It once was not so easy…

A Field Trip to Rodeo

Many schools take field trips. They’re usually fun events for students to get some time out of the classroom. But some field trips don’t go as planned. That was certainly the case for this ag teacher who was convinced to allow some of his students to try their hand at rodeo…

The Battered Bucket Award

There are major awards like Oscars, Grammys and Nobel Peace Prizes; then there is the Battered Bucket Award. You’ve probably never heard of it, but if you won it, you probably messed up in a memorable way to get it…

1943 FFA American Star Farmer Wayne Boothe

Every year the National FFA selects one student as the Star Farmer of America. It’s quite an honor. Today we visit with the oldest living person to have won that award–a man that’s still speaking at chapter FFA banquets each spring…

Accidental Family Farm History in Cordell, Oklahoma

Wayne Booth resides in Cordell, Oklahoma thanks to a snowstorm over a century ago. The story of that storm and the farm that made him national news is today’s edition of The American Countryside…

FFA Gets Highlighted in the Rose Bowl Parade

Happy New Year! The National FFA will be highlighted in front of millions of people in attendance and watching the Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena, California…ffafloat