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Fireside Chat with John

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Posted by: on April 11, 2008

The past few weeks have been really busy with everything from trying to learn what educators are doing in the arena of animal rights to educating dieticians about the nutritional power of beef. To say the least I’ve learned alot. In fact the older I get, the more I realize how little I really know about alot of things.

A couple of weeks ago, a group of southwest MO beef producers joined me in meeting Mr. Todd Parnell, President of Drury University. Mr. Bob Barker has given Drury $1million to create an animal ethics class. The matter caught our attention due to Mr. Barker’s self-proclaimed vegetarianism and the language used in the course description: vegetarianism, factory farming, etc. Mr. Parnell graciously agreed to meet with us, showed interest in having his faculty meet with MO State University faculty who teach a similar class in order to share ideas and guest speakers, and thanked us for offering materials such as quality assurance information, classroom speakers and organized farm/ranch visits. We’ll keep our eye on the class in hopes that a fair and balanced view of animal ethics is presented to the students.

I spent the day yesterday with the Missouri Dietetics Association. We sponsored Dayle Hayes, MS, RD as guest lecturer for one of their seminars which was very well attended. Dayle spoke about food trends, highlighting protien, nutrient rich foods, and the importance of working with school food programs and encouraging family meal time. You’ll recall that all those points are important to us in the beef industry. I really enjoyed meeting many dieticians from all over Missouri. They are passionate about people getting good nutrition, not just empty calories and recognize beef as an important part of the diet.

Tomorrow, MBIC will be in Springfield and Columbia educating consumers about beef in the diet of folks who are working hard at maintaining healthy lifestyles. The Jay Dix 5K run in Columbia and the American Heart Association’s Heart Walk in Springfield are great opportunities to share our message with folks who are both food and health involved. These people enjoy great tasting food, like beef, but also want to get some real nutritional bang for their buck. They also are concerned about their health and realize the importance of excercise in maintaining strong hearts, reducing risk of cancer and obesity and for overall improved strength and stamina. We’re going to help them “discover the power of protien in the land of lean beef”. Beef is naturally protien rich and when combined with the power of zinc, iron and B vitamins that beef offers, Missourian’s will gain the strength they need to maintain their active lifestyle. I’m excited about the direction we are going with beef promotions. May is beef month and is coming right around the corner. We can help you promote beef in your active community through our beef grant program. Give us a call and let’s get everyone in MO eating some beef! (It’s good for them and us too!)

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