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How To Subscribe To MBIC Report

A podcast is basically a recorded radio program in the form of a digital audio file, usually an MP3 file. This audio file is included in an RSS Feed so that your computer can subscribe to it and automatically download that audio file for you to listen to either on your computer or portable audio player, like an iPod.

You’ll need podcast subscription software on your computer (see this list) or you can now easily subscribe if you have iTunes or Yahoo Music Engine.

With your podcast subscription software or online music service you’ll want to use the following file link in the appropriate subscription box to subscribe to the MBIC Report:

That’s it. Then your software will check that file for the latest MBIC Report and automatically download it onto your computer into the folder you specified when you set up the software. If you use a digital audio player, the file will be placed onto it when you synchronize the player with your computer. Then you can listen to the MBIC Report whenever and wherever you want.