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Looking Up at The Courthouse

The county courthouse is the centerpiece of many town squares across the country.  But the square in Decatur County, Indiana is one that has many people looking up…up at one of the more unusual sites you’ll see in anywhere…

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A Beautiful Museum Looking For a New Home

Today may be a first in the 20 plus years of our broadcasts.  A recent interview took an interesting twist when I learned that one beautiful little museum was looking for a new home.  It’s a heartwarming story and perhaps you can help find its new location… SharePrintEmail

A Knick-Knack Purchase That Grew Into a Collection

Perhaps some husbands listening to this show have been told that if they want to bring a certain knick-knack home for a trip, then they must be responsible for dusting it.  That was the case for this couple.  Interestingly, what they brought home grew into quite a collection… SharePrintEmail

Leonardo’s Most Famous Painting

In 1495 Leonardo Da Vinci began work on a painting that all of us have seen.  In fact, it’s his picture that  most of us associate with one major event in Christianity… SharePrintEmail

High Dollar Training

A lot of people enjoy the beach.  Some people might even bring their dog with them.  But what about bringing a horse, not for pleasure but rather for high dollar training… SharePrintEmail

Lexington’s Premiere Horse Farms

If you’ve ever had a chance to drive the country roads around Lexington, Kentucky, you’ve probably been amazed and the beautiful green pastures, and the well groomed grounds of the world’s premiere horse farms… SharePrintEmail

Land Where the Grass is Special

Just about any land in the country can grow some kind of grass.  But the grass here is special.  In fact, it’s so unique that an industry sprang up in the area just because of the extraordinary benefits that grass could provide… SharePrintEmail

The Underground Railroad

You can go to many spots around the country and see homes, barns and businesses that served as stops on the underground railroad.  What most people don’t realize is that railroad is not just history but a present day phenomenon as well… SharePrintEmail

One of the Most Famous Railroads

It is one of the most famous railroads in this country’s history…yet it ran without a published schedule.  For some it was a source of hatred…for others a route to freedom… SharePrintEmail

Music That Still Resonates Today

His life and career ended way too soon.  A promising life in country music was cut short before he reached the age of 30.  Yet his music still resonates with fans of all ages… SharePrintEmail

Hiram King Williams

Today we feature the story of Hiram King Williams.  Not heard of him?  You probably have, but you just know him by another name… SharePrintEmail

A Home With a Wraparound Porch in Georgiana, Alabama

Wind onto a side street in tiny Georgiana, Alabama and you’ll find a home with a broad covered wraparound porch.  It’s a beautiful place in its own right.  Then add to that fact the boy who lived here, and now you’ve got visitors from around the globe… SharePrintEmail

The Right to Vote

Today, many Americans don’t think much about the right to vote.  Yes, we do vote, and we should vote – but actually having the right to vote – well, we don’t think about so much about it since it’s a right all adults in the country have.  However, to this lady, it means much more.  […]

One Young Woman’s Challenge

Today’s story is one that will stir your emotions.  It is a story that can bring a tear but also make you angry.  It’s the story of one young woman’s challenge wrapped inside a much bigger event.. SharePrintEmail

Getting Arrested Three Times

Normally our parents would not like the idea of their children being arrested by the police.  In this case, one mother understood why her daughter got arrested three times… SharePrintEmail

Part of the Selma Civil Rights March

The year was 1965.  Diane’s mother wanted to be a part of the civil rights marches in town, but her participation might cost her her job.  That’s when Dianne and her brother found themselves a part of a movement to win the voting rights of their parents’ generation and much more… SharePrintEmail

Growing Up in Selma

Dianne Harris grew up in Selma, Alabama.  The city is still her home today.  Perhaps she could never have imagined the turmoil that she would see though as a teenager in this Alabama town… SharePrintEmail

A Tribute to a Bug

In the middle of a busy intersection you will find one of the most unique monuments in the world.  While some cities honor a city founder or a local hero, this city honors a bug – yes a real life insect that helped the area get back on its feet… SharePrintEmail

Something To Take the Place of Cotton

Certain crops grow better in specific climates.  That was certainly the case for farmers in southern Alabama.  However, when their cash crop was suddenly decimated, they had to find something else to take its place… SharePrintEmail

When Cotton Was No Longer King

Cotton was king in the southern U.S. in the early 20th century.  However it was one of the tiniest of creatures that dethroned the crop as supreme in the south… SharePrintEmail

President’s Week 2017: Calvin Coolidge

It all happened in the middle of the night.  The citizens of the United States went to bed on August 2nd, 1923 with Warren Harding as president.  The awoke to find find Calvin Coolidge had become 30th president of the United States… SharePrintEmail

President’s Week 2017: Herbert Hoover

It’s Presidents Week on the and today’s feature focuses on a graduate of Stanford who used his engineering degree to travel the world… SharePrintEmail

President’s Week 2017: Woodrow Wilson

He was the son of a Presbyterian minister who went on to teach school and lead the nation during a time of world conflict… SharePrintEmail

President’s Week 2017: Theodore Roosevelt

To date, no U.S. president has been born in North Dakota…but this commander-in-chief’s experiences there may be the reason he achieved the office… SharePrintEmail

President’s Week 2017: William McKinley

Some history students will remember the slogan “Remember the Maine”, a war cry that sent the U.S. into battle against Spain.  It was this president who was in office at the time… SharePrintEmail

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