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The Biggest Race of Its Kind

Imagine a race that might last over three days and in that time, you may not sleep at all, or very little, with the ground for a bed.  It may not sound that appealing, but it’s a race that draws plenty of participants for the biggest of its kind…

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Days of Sprinting

Folks in Clinton, Missouri know there is quite a racer in their midst, a man who’s sprint was not measured in minutes or seconds, but rather in days… SharePrintEmail

Pastures Full of Danger

The Wright Brothers made their first flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  However, it was the farmers around Dayton that helped them perfect the plane.  However, those pastures were they trained were full of dangers… SharePrintEmail

Before First Flight

Although Kitty Hawk, North Carolina received most of the attention regarding the Wright Brothers first flight, it was this Ohio city were much of the work took place before and after that inaugural flight.  It’s a place where Orville Wright was skipping school at the age of six…for what he thought was a very good […]

Clean Water and Good Health

Clean water is an important part of maintaining good health.  So it may seem odd to us today that thousands of people once drank some of the nastiest smelling water on Earth, all in an effort to promote better health… SharePrintEmail

Pluto…But Not the Planet…or the Disney Character

For most of us, the name Pluto is recognized as the name of a planet, or whatever they are calling it these days, or a Disney character.  But in the mid 1800s, Pluto was something far different in this town… SharePrintEmail

A Town With An Unusual Name

It’s one of the most unusual town names you’ll find in the nation.  But when you dig a little deeper you’ll see there was good reason it earned that title.  And no doubt you’ve heard of it, or maybe even traveled there… SharePrintEmail

The Top Mounted Military Man in the Nation

Before their was a U.S. cavalry, this man was noted to be the top mounted military man in the nation.  His skills were so impressive that the future president of the confederacy wrote of his keen ability to lead men on the high plains.  However, few have heard of him, mostly due to the huge […]

The Baby of the Boone Family

Most of us remember the frontiersman and explorer, Daniel Boone from our history books.  However, we may not be familiar with his children and their equally impressive contributions to building America.  The baby of the family was perhaps the most successful… SharePrintEmail

British Soldiers Residing in the US

Imagine a small U.S. farm town with British soldiers who had residences there.  No, we are not talking about the Revolutionary War, but rather World War I, and there was a very good reason why those Brits spent a lot of time in that place… SharePrintEmail

The Mule Capital of the World

It was once the mule capital of the world.  You can still find some mules there and if you go to the school, well, they are the mules too.  We dig into a story about those animals and exactly why they were so important here… SharePrintEmail

When The Teeth Are The Main Attraction

Every dentist that has ever advised not to crush ice or hard candy with one’s teeth will not want to meet Steve Schmidt. His teeth are the main attraction and what results from each of his shows is sure to make a dentist squirm–and perhaps you as well… SharePrintEmail

Mules in World War I

My grandfather was born in 1903 and remembered the nation’s fight to win World War I.  In fact, my grandfather was pretty angry when his father sold one of their best mules to be sent to Europe during the war… SharePrintEmail

A Coveted Tool to Defeat the Enemy

Even before the United States entered World War I, American farms were important in helping the allies win the conflict.  In particular, it was one type of livestock that became a coveted tool in the work to defeat the enemy… SharePrintEmail

Stories of a Pioneer Girl Growing Up

It is hard to imagine it happened mostly by accident…eight books and a ten year television series all based on one young pioneer girl’s memories of growing up.  The stories were written here, and people from around the world still come to visit… SharePrintEmail

Childhood Stories

She never set out to become a famous author…she was simply writing down some stories from her childhood.  But those memories became one of the best known series of children’s books, a series still popular today… SharePrintEmail

Pheasants In Arizona

Most people don’t go pheasant hunting in Phoenix, AZ.  But if you to come to Molly’s farm, you will perhaps see more pheasants than you’ve seen in your entire lifetime… SharePrintEmail

The Race to Alaska

It’s called the “Race to Alaska,” a trek for teams from Washington state to Alaska.  Winning the contest will earn you a big prize, second place, well, not so much… SharePrintEmail

A Kinetic Sculpture Race

You’ve likely never heard of a kinetic sculpture race.  Neither had I and I had no idea what it was, but it’s just one of the interesting events held here… SharePrintEmail

Protecting A Critical Waterway

These forts were designed to protect a critical waterway in the U.S.  While they never had to fire on an enemy, when they did fire, they did damage to their own community… SharePrintEmail

A Story of Boom and Bust

You could say it’s a story of boom and bust.  But while the fortunes of this city did sour over a century ago, it was far from dead… SharePrintEmail

The Large City of the Pacific Northwest

We’ve all heard of Seattle, Washington, but in the mid 1800s, it was this town that was to be the large city in the Pacific Northwest.  You can still find it, but it’s not nearly the size some had projected… SharePrintEmail

Hotel Rooms for $11 A Night

Connie Echols admits she was crazy when she purchased the business just down the street.  She had no idea what she’d gotten herself into.  That’s what happens when buy a 70 year old motel that rents rooms for $11 a night… SharePrintEmail

The Long Route to Mt Katahdin

I have seen Maine’s Mt. Katahdin from afar and I’ve always wanted to venture the top.  Today we meet a man who not only walked to the top, he took another 2189 miles to get there… SharePrintEmail

Taking On a Big Challenge

It’s a task that takes most people five or six months.  A process guaranteed to increase your metabolism and hopefully make you stronger and healthier.  That said, it can be a grueling process for those who take on the challenge… SharePrintEmail

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